Zoomrad and Alex Kuitpo Forest Engagement Shoot

You might imagine rain to be every photographer’s nightmare. However, combined with the romantic Kuitpo Forest, a fun-loving couple and cosy moments under an umbrella, inclement weather only served to enhance engagement photography for Zoomrad and Alex.

Madly in love for the past four years, Zoomrad and Alex came to the shoot more than a little nervous. Once they warmed up though, there was so much laughing and joking that it was pretty hard to get a romantic shot in! This awesome couple certainly made the most of the experience, despite the fact that a huge storm was rolling in and it rained for at least half the time.

In terms of romantic engagement photography, I finally got the opportunity to do a shoot with a couple under an umbrella, which is something I’d wanted to do for ages. While they had beautiful moments surrounded by trees and protected by the umbrella, I ran around in the rain super excited to get the shot. The results are pretty epic.

For the rest of the shoot, we explored the forest over tracks and through the trees. Pine plantations, wildflowers, green clearings and pathways provided stunning backdrops, matched only by the sparkling spirits of Alex and Zoomrad. This shoot was an adventure and an experience I’m sure we’ll all remember forever.


Kuitpo Forest is a popular spot for wedding and engagement photography in Adelaide. It was established in 1898, as the first of other forest plantations in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Now, it’s a haven for bushwalking, mountain biking, picnics and community events, just a 45-minute drive from the city.

Better yet, it’s surrounded by the wineries of McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. Therefore, it’s little wonder that Kuitpo Forest attracts romantic souls wishing to get engaged, married and make lasting memories via photos, in a place where forests and vineyards combine!

There’s even Burbrook Forest, a private family property nestled within Kuitpo, that perfectly sets the scene for weddings and events. It’s most famous for a beautiful old gum tree standing in a clearing that’s so picturesque, it’s simply called ‘The Tree’, to those in the know.

In terms of wedding and engagement photography, this is a large forest that covers 3,600 hectares. While some of it is protected for conservation, there’s plenty of space to get away from hikers, bikers and picnickers. This means it’s easy to have an intimate, romantic shoot with only the trees, and the photographer, for company.

As we discovered with Alex and Zoomrad’s engagement shoot, rain doesn’t have to be a problem and, in fact, offers unique opportunities for spectacular shots. A sunny day with no clouds also presents great photo opportunities. The forest provides a lot of shade, which is great as you don’t get harsh shadows across the face. Plus, rays of sunlight glinting through the trees add a touch of ethereal magic to romantic images.

If that sounds like your idea of romantic engagement photography, Adelaide’s Kuitpo Forest might just be the perfect spot for you too.