Emily & Rhys Barossa Valley Wedding Photographer

Sweeping fields, vineyards and the golden rays of sunset highlighted the shared smiles of Emily and Rhys, for Barossa Valley wedding photography steeped in romance.

What could be more romantic than sweethearts who met in high school and spent their teenage years as best friends? Emily and Rhys simply couldn’t imagine spending their lives with anyone else, leading to the big day in the Barossa Valley and wedding photography that captures the couple’s glowing love for each other.

Emily loves the passionate and excited nature of Rhys, and Rhys loves Emily’s gentle compassion towards the world. In terms of what drives each other crazy though, it was endearingly revealed that Emily barely finishes meals, but has 20 snacks throughout the day instead, so she’s always hungry but never hungry enough.

It’s little wonder this shoot was full of jokes and laughter, with a wedding party that put their cheery trust in me to capture the right shots. One of them was a sunset shoot with a twist. I asked Emily’s uncle to jump in the car and drive up and down the road, creating a mini dust storm. With the sunlight streaming through the trees, the effect was spectacular orange and gold light to enhance the amazing sunset we were getting in the Barossa Valley.

Organising a Barossa Valley Wedding

Emily and Rhys wanted a relaxed, rustic vibe to be less the centre of attention and more comfortable within a chilled environment. They chose a private property in lovely Tanunda, to experience the freedom of decking it out exactly as they wanted to, complete with fairy lights and grassy areas for the kids and furry friends.

The couple bought all their own alcohol and lived with a mountain of boxes in the living room for about a month, which was a funny talking point for unsuspecting guests! The DIY adventures continued, with Rhys making a welcome sign out of wood decking and Emily spending hours on calligraphy for a fantastic result.

I’m honoured to be among the couple’s stand out wedding vendors, along with a host of impressive people and services like Sassi Ice Cream and Him & Her Music, all of whom Emily found on the Adelaide Weddings Facebook group page. From months of planning, to the 4am wake up call to start hair and makeup, and seeing each other as Emily walked down the aisle, Emily and Rhys now cherish the special memory of a day that came together beautifully.

Their tips for other couples planning a wedding? Take it gradually and have a monthly to-do list so you feel like you’re getting things done and making progress. I say cheers to that!